Thoughts on JESUS IS KING (album review)

My phone's background has had the words "Jesus is King" for a while now. It has been a good reminder for me since Jesus has become important in my life 3 years ago. And about 6 years ago, Kanye West was the major reason why I got into hip hop and started producing music. So when … Continue reading Thoughts on JESUS IS KING (album review)

Quick thoughts from Forager

Where should I start? Well, it's been a while. So much has happened and there are so many things I could to say. But instead, this morning, I'm going to focus on the clarity of mind I felt. I think that's a part of maturity. There are lots of distractions and, if I'm not careful, … Continue reading Quick thoughts from Forager

Quick thoughts on stories and cliches

I was watching Nerdwriter1's video titled, "The Epidemic of Passable Movies", when I realized that his thoughts on Hollywood movies were--not too surprisingly--relevant to anime's 'passable' and derivative shows. But the problem isn't so much that something is a reiteration of what we've seen before, but rather what we see isn't realistic. Evan says, "Stories are … Continue reading Quick thoughts on stories and cliches