First post


[Soundtrack: one or two]

The motivation behind this blog is to engage with the community of writers that I found to be both helpful and inspiring in understanding life and art. Looking at the future, I hope to become a better writer through keeping this blog, particularly in analysing and explaining things.

I’ve kept an almost-daily journal on Evernote since the end of 2011, from what started out as an “end of the year self-reflection” exercise. I’ve never felt compelled to publish my writing, but that was when I wasn’t being intentional about trying to engage with an audience, which I now see as a skill worth putting effort into developing.

I’m sure that a lot of things will be changed, updated, and edited as time goes by — and that’s totally okay. C’est la vie.


Image is a screenshot of Ilex Forest shrine from Pokemon Crystal

Soundtrack one is a short hip hop instrumental I made sampling Chanson de l’adieu by Chopin (~@3:30)

Soundtrack two is Once Upon a Time by toby fox


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