Dear wordsmith


When words leave your lips in a rhythmic dance that paints vivid imageries onto the mind, the uninspired become inspired.

You proclaim to the human kind the kindness found in the syllables of language.

When I hear you string together words, I am myself lost for words.

You create conversations, you open yourself up to vulnerabilities, and you speak with boldness, all the while having fun.

You play with words, with profound meaning and context and subtext and references, with each wordplay revealing more of yourself and connecting me closer to you.

These words become verses and the verses become chapters. Surely, the next chapters of your life will capture the hearts of many. Don’t lose this light. Demand rights and positivity.

You made me realize that the best artists are not always the ones on the radio or even the ones performing on stages at all.

Please continue to speak truth and let your lungs be filled the breath of life. The reverberation of your passion will be echoed throughout my life.

Thank you.



Image is of Huey Freeman from The Boondocks by SykotixUK


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