‘Where is my life headed?’

Sometimes, life can feel stagnant. I'm in that thought/mood bubble right now. It made me think back to Haruhi's Endless Eight, and how the repetition of daily life, no matter how great, can make you feel mundane (let's pretend that this is a noun) and lost. Here's what I wrote in my journal earlier this … Continue reading ‘Where is my life headed?’


The Weight of Family (feat. Senjougahara)

I still haven't shared much from my time in Korea--for reasons--and unfortunately, the poignancy of the trip has faded quite a bit since then. But there may be another way to share its individual stories, and this may just be a better method in that it gives me the opportunity to really flesh out the … Continue reading The Weight of Family (feat. Senjougahara)

Growing through blogging: communication structure and formats

You know, I like thinking about things, and there are many things that I want to explore and learn more about. In my life, anime has been a great facilitator for this--in the themes and emotions they are able to convey--and in conjunction with lived experiences, this makes for great blogging material/inspiration. I like how … Continue reading Growing through blogging: communication structure and formats

Me At 22, Part 3: School, Death, and Hope

As with every birthday, I’ve spent some time looking back at my ‘fiscal’ year–my life while I was 22 years old. Although the realization that another year had passed is always astonishing by itself, this past year has been–honestly–the most enjoyable year of my life. If you’re curious, I would like to share this recap story with […]