Quick thoughts on DAMN. (2017)

I wonder how many people in the world enjoyed both the pilot episode of Saekano season 2 and Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. today--definitely not very many. Anyways, without trying to analyze the album, I wanted to participate in the highly anticipated (in the hip hop world) release of DAMN.. It got leaked a few hours early, and I got … Continue reading Quick thoughts on DAMN. (2017)


Anime fandom parallel to hip hop: my “normie” perspective

As indicative of my recent posts pertaining to anime in general rather than individual anime series, my intention is to build a solid knowledge base in anime. Although in part motivated by my novelty to the medium, I'm also genuinely interested in learning about it; I don't want to just enjoy consuming anime, I want to be able … Continue reading Anime fandom parallel to hip hop: my “normie” perspective