Year One, and an update

Hey WordPress, It's been a while. Today is kind of a special day for this blog because a year ago today is when I had started this blog. It was Christmas night, and everyone in my family was off in their own rooms; I was sitting on the dimly-lit living room sofa. Feelings of loneliness … Continue reading Year One, and an update


Growing through blogging: communication structure and formats

You know, I like thinking about things, and there are many things that I want to explore and learn more about. In my life, anime has been a great facilitator for this--in the themes and emotions they are able to convey--and in conjunction with lived experiences, this makes for great blogging material/inspiration. I like how … Continue reading Growing through blogging: communication structure and formats

Writing problems: self-meta-analysis and self-doubts

This post will be about exploring my thought processes during my struggle to write the 'perfect' introduction for my upcoming post. My motivation is that, by sharing--and thus having had the opportunity to express myself--I won't feel the need to go through these rather taxing thought exercises again. At the very least, these exercises are interesting … Continue reading Writing problems: self-meta-analysis and self-doubts