My journey in understanding the anime culture

This will be a growing list of topics (and resources) that may help others in understanding/navigating the culture and phenomena surrounding anime. This won't be a comprehensive guide nor will it solely be about anime; the topics presented here are centered around themes that I have a particular interest in. Let's dive right in. First, what … Continue reading My journey in understanding the anime culture


Re: What’s the Matter with Moe? An Inside Look


Previously, The Mary Sue argued that we should be critical of ‘objectification’ by ignoring contexts of characterization and treating anime girls as no more than objects in the first place. Now they want the community to be ‘critical about cuteness’, as they vaguely denounce the ‘adult male’ viewership of moe as misogynistic, and conclude that moe is ‘alienating’ for those who want to see ‘real women’ in anime, and not the lovable and hyperreal figures modern Japanese culture is full of.

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