A year end episode (2016)


[Soundtrack: one]

This is going to be my first “slice of life” post, which is a posting category I intend for writing about my day-to-day life things. For today’s episode, it’s about the end of 2016! At this point in the year, it’s becoming harder and harder not to feel the year coming to an end. As for me, I’ll be spending New Years at RockRidge Canyon with Young Life. Since I’ll be without internet access for the next few days, I’ll take the opportunity now to wish everyone a happy new year — Happy New Year! I won’t be taking part in personifying and villainizing 2016. Whatever happened this year, I’m grateful for those who I got to share it with. Thank YOU.


Image is from Carnival Phantasm 2012 Calendar

Soundtrack one is Platinum Mukatsuku by Kousaki Satoru