Winter 2017: mid-season update

It's already been a month since my what I'm watching in Winter 2017 post and many of this season's anime are at their 9th episode by the end of this week. It's crazy to think that I've only started to watch anime regularly since last September, and this season is the first time I'm taking part … Continue reading Winter 2017: mid-season update


Winter 2017: what I’m watching

Now that it's February, I thought I talk about this season's anime series that I've been watching! I already mentioned that I'm watching Urara Meirochou (from J.C.Staff) in a short review, and I think that it's my favourite from this season simply due to how pretty the aesthetics are. It's about the energetic adventures of 4 girls who aspire … Continue reading Winter 2017: what I’m watching