Shelter and the problem with selfish love

Even if you don't watch anime, you might be familiar with Porter Robinson's Shelter. In a landmark collaboration with A-1 Pictures, their music video delivered a narrative that triggered a fairly heavy emotional response from me. And I wasn't alone in this; many have praised Shelter's emotionally impacting story. The problem for me was that I found myself being drawn … Continue reading Shelter and the problem with selfish love


Linguistics of anime and moe

(Note: I don't have the necessary experience to discuss this topic myself, so I'll be doing a meta-analysis on what has been discussed already) A video by Geoff Thew (Mother's Basement) called, "Avatar is an Anime. F*** You. Fight Me." went to the top of r/anime today. But the focus of this video wasn't really about Avatar: The … Continue reading Linguistics of anime and moe