Where I want my blogging to go

Now I'm aware that I just wrote a whole post on Digibro, but I wanted to quickly reference him again to highlight something different. In a follow up video to the vlog where he calls out anime YouTubers (which reminded me of Kendrick's verse on Control), he starts the video off with, "... if you're following … Continue reading Where I want my blogging to go


ぜんぶ / 전부 / everything

At the end of Bakemonogatari, this is what Senjoughara tells Araragi while they both look up at the night sky (spoilers): "That's everything. That's everything I have. What I have is no more than this. What I can give you, Araragi-kun, is no more than this. No more than this... and everything." This scene touched … Continue reading ぜんぶ / 전부 / everything